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Handsome Flowers is a floral studio that offers  design for events & styling for editorial. One-off designs may be available on a case-by-case basis.


*I am also personally available for freelance in the SF Bay Area as well as travel jobs.* 


I'm Jessie Zechnowitz Lim. ​I favor a low key, high design style. My work is focused on thoughtful form that incorporates unexpected elements of color, fragrance, & texture.

I have a bottomless appreciation for beauty in all of its forms. I hold an MA in Art History, which has informed my floral design in terms of color theory and composition. I've been designing flowers since 2006 & I'm always amazed at how much wonder can be found when looking into the face of a flower.

Jessie Zechnowitz Lim


Give me a call at 510.847.1201
or fill out this form 
for event inquires / to place an order.

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