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Berkeley, CA




I am one of three co-founders at Oxtail. We rent studio space to local artists and maintain a gallery-style storefront. We opened Oxtail Studio out of a shared desire to run a small art venue that brings talented friends and artists together to form a fruitful creative community.





I have done everything in the floral world, from building relationships with local growers to creating tailored floral design for events. I like to think outside of normative floral trends and stretch the boundaries of what can be done with organic materials. I deeply enjoy creating ephemeral moods through seasonal design. 

Research Apprenticeship



Spring 2012


Dr. Kim Shelton is working on the publication of Petsas House, a Bronze Age ceramic warehouse and domestic complex in Mycenae currently under excavation. I scanned photos from excavation and used illustrator to trace these images, ultimately rendering graphics detailing vase patterns and shapes for publication. Dr. Shelton is currently excavating both the Pan-Hellenic Sanctuary of Zeus at Nemea and the cult center of Mycenae.

Research Apprenticeship



Fall 2011


Dr. Elizabeth Honig teaches Northern Renaissance and Flemish Art History at UC Berkeley. I scavenged the web and academic archives to locate images for use in her lecture courses. I then sized these images and compiled them in slideshow-format.


Nemea, Greece

Mycenae, Greece


Summer 2012

I assisted Dr. Kim Shelton at excavations in Nemea at the Temple of Zeus and in Mycenae at Petsas House. I engaged in fieldwork as well as work in the onsite museums, where I cleaned and dated artifacts. Both sites are Bronze Age and the types of objects we uncovered include bronze weaponry, ceramic vessels, cult figurines, and domestic architectural sites.

Spanish Language Immersion in Buenos Aires



Fall 2008


In Buenos Aires I attended ECELA language school where I took a semester of Anthropology and Spanish language classes. I learned about Argentine politics, danced a lot of Salsa, and backpacked through Brazil after my program ended. My tryst with Latin American Modern art began here. 

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